Youth Apprenticeship Week Spotlights Opportunities

(NewsUSA) - Youth Apprenticeship Week, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Labor, features a range of events and speakers at venues across the United States to showcase the many benefits of …

Why Investors Take a Shine to Silver

(NewsUSA) - Silver is a part of everyday life in more ways than most people realize. Besides the more obvious industrial uses, silver is a key component in many products that people rely on every …

Why Investors Take a Shine to Silver

(NewsUSA) - Silver is a part of everyday life in more ways than most people realize. Besides the more obvious industrial uses, silver is a key component in many products that people rely on every …

Small Businesses Seek Talent, Technology to Succeed

(NewsUSA) - Starting and maintaining a successful small business is a challenge in any setting. For rural entrepreneurs, that struggle is even greater when it comes to accessing capital, …

Keep Quality Employees With Quality Benefits

(NewsUSA) - Small business owners know that one of the secrets to success is hiring quality employees and keeping them. One of the best ways to keep your best employees happy is by offering a …

Rebranded Global Accreditation Organization Promotes Patient Safety

(NewsUSA) - The last thing anyone should ever question when considering an outpatient procedure is their safety. After all, you trust that the facility performing your procedure has gone through …

Why It's Important to Talk About Inheriting Wealth

(NewsUSA) - As a significant portion of the U.S. population ages, a significant transfer of wealth to younger generations is occurring. However, many families have not discussed inheritance plans, …

Emerging Adults Stay Positive Despite Financial and Social Pressures

(NewsUSA) - The designation “GenNext” represents adults ages 18-34, the life stage often referred to as “emerging adulthood,” and refers to the next generation of workers, heads of …

Can You Trust Financial Advice You Find Online?

(NewsUSA) - Can you trust the financial advice you find online, including on social media? Nope. And a majority of people already don’t trust online financial advice. According to the CFP Board …

Becoming a CFP® Professional Means Joining a Community

(NewsUSA) - Becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional means more than just a successful career — it means joining a supportive community. CFP Board and CFP® professionals foster …

How to Use Credit Wisely

(NewsUSA) - As the holiday season approaches, more people are out shopping, searching crowded stores and online promotions for the best discounts, and using their credit cards to pay for it all. But …

A New Mission for Military Veterans: Protect Clients’ Finances as a CFP® Professional

(NewsUSA) - Military veterans can take on a new mission as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Your new objective: Safeguard and advance the financial interests of everyday Americans. By …

How a CFP® Professional Can Help You Navigate Interest Rates

(NewsUSA) - Interest rates have soared dramatically, raising the cost of buying anything on credit. For example, over the past two years, mortgage rates have more than doubled, adding hundreds or …

Become a CFP® Professional and Be Part of a Growing and Diverse Profession

(NewsUSA) - Today, October 4, marks World Financial Planning Day, a time to recognize the value of financial planning. Did you know that financial planning is not just a valuable resource for …

Become a CFP® Professional and Give Back Through Pro Bono Financial Planning

(NewsUSA) - Nearly 9 in 10 Americans are concerned about the current cost of living in the United States, which has created an increasing need for the trusted, often life-changing advice of …

How a CFP® Professional Can Help You Manage Your Debt

(NewsUSA) - Household debts are rising amid higher interest rates. The increase in rates is a major issue for all borrowers, at all ages and stages of life. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ …

CME Group Awards Scholarships to Next Generation of Ag Leaders

(NewsUSA) - State fairs are not only a summer tradition, but they also play an important role in U.S. agriculture. State and county fairs put a spotlight on an essential part of the global economy, …

Demonstrate Your Commitment to High Ethical Standards by Becoming a CFP® Professional

(NewsUSA) - Consumers are looking for someone they can trust to guide them in financial matters. Becoming a CFP® professional helps you communicate that you’ll always prioritize your clients’ …

CFP® Professionals Can Help Optimize Your Insurance

(NewsUSA) - Insurance is essential to protecting yourself. Health insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance — all of these can protect you in the event of an emergency. However, determining …

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Curb Drug Costs for Patients and Employers

(Julian Canete) - According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half of all Americans struggle with health care costs. For many, it's the single largest cost in their budget. As someone that …

Changing Your Career? Consider Becoming a CFP® Professional

(NewsUSA) - Are you thinking of a career change? As you explore new possibilities, you’ll likely want a profession that offers personal fulfillment, encourages professional growth, provides …

Working With a CFP® Professional — What You Need to Know

(NewsUSA) - Congratulations! You’ve already taken one of the most important steps to secure your financial future — connecting with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. You will want …

Three Ways Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Can Improve Cash Flow and Combat Inflation

(NewsUSA) - Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, no matter the industry or company size. However, as economic headwinds and supply chain woes challenge the bottom line for both Main Street …

How Getting CFP® Certification Can Help Your Career as a Financial Planner

(NewsUSA) - Climbing to the top as a financial advisor can be a challenge. Your ticket to long-term peak performance begins with earning the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, …

Working With an LGBTQ+ CFP® Professional

(NewsUSA) - Choosing a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who aligns with your specific needs and goals is important. If you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, you may want to seek out an …

Flexibility is Key to a Thriving Retirement

(NewsUSA) - Today’s retirement experience can be unpredictable, and resilience and flexibility are the keys to not just surviving, but thriving.The right strategies and guidance can help retirees …

From High School to High Pay and a Personally Rewarding Career

(NewsUSA) - The best career is one that gives you so much personal satisfaction that you’d gladly do it without pay. But don’t worry; you won’t be working for free if you become a CERTIFIED …

How to Help Your Aging Parents

(NewsUSA) - At some point, you may need to step in and help care for the parents who once cared for you. Starting this new role can be a challenge, but with preparation you’ll be ready. These …

Investing in Your Child's Future: The Advantages of a Career in Financial Planning

(NewsUSA) - As a parent, you want your child to succeed in life and have a career where they are fulfilled and paid well. It’s even better if that career can offer benefits such as personal and …

Not Sure What to Do When You Graduate College? Consider CFP Certification

(NewsUSA) - If you’re getting ready to graduate from college, congratulations! After years of dedication and hard work, your future awaits! And while it’s an exciting time, it can also be …

5 Tips to Help Young Professionals Prepare a Tax Return

(NewsUSA) - Filing your taxes can be stressful and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. As the deadline for filing taxes approaches, don’t let the pressure overwhelm you. Follow these five …

Benefits for Women Becoming Financial Planners

(NewsUSA) - The financial services industry is changing and diversifying, and this includes women becoming financial advisors at a rate higher than ever before.If you’ve ever considered a career …

How Anxious Are Americans About Their Finances? Very.

(NewsUSA) - A new poll paints a troubling picture of how anxious Americans are about their finances.Nearly half of respondents said they didn’t feel “financially stable,” according to the …


(NewsUSA) - Teaching children about money is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Start when they’re young with simple lessons like saving up to buy a toy. You can build upon those lessons …

How Financial Planners Can Advance Equality

(NewsUSA) - Financial planning is about helping individuals and families make sound financial decisions that enable them to achieve their life goals. When financial planners provide these services …

How Financial Planners Can Advance Equality

(NewsUSA) - Financial planning is about helping individuals and families make sound financial decisions that enable them to achieve their life goals. When financial planners provide these services …
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ASX down 0.2% near noon: RBA considers lifting cash rate in May

21 May 2024 - The Reserve Bank's May policy meeting minutes indicated that while raising the cash rate was considered if forecasts risked optimism regarding inflation factors, stronger-than-expected …

Stocks of the Hour: Sierra Nevada, NT Minerals, Gibb River Diamonds

21 May 2024 - A snapshot of the stocks on the move, featuring Sierra Nevada (ASX:SNX), NT Minerals (ASX:NTM) and Gibb River Diamonds (ASX:GIB).

ALS reports financial recovery

21 May 2024 - As expected, Brisbane-based global testing company ALS (ASX:ALQ) has ensured that its shareholders will not feel the financial pain of its Nuvisan adventure—the wasted millions of …

Technology One announces record interim payout

21 May 2024 - Shareholders in Brisbane-based tech services and software group, Technology One (ASX:TNE), will receive a record interim payout of 5.08 cents per share after the company revealed a …

Hard Rock denies involvement in Star Entertainment bid

21 May 2024 - Shares in Star Entertainment (ASX:SGR) fell at the opening on Tuesday after Hard Rock International denied any link to a bid for Star.

Nvidia rally pushes Nasdaq to new record

21 May 2024 - Nvidia shares rallied strongly in Monday trading ahead of its quarterly earnings result due out on Wednesday, leading the Nasdaq to a new record close.

US dollar rally reverses amid inflation decline

21 May 2024 - The rally in the US dollar witnessed earlier this year has reversed course as investors anticipate a decline in inflation in the world's largest economy, potentially providing the …

Gold goes another record-breaking run Monday

21 May 2024 - Gold went for another record-breaking run on Monday but couldn’t hang on to the new peak, while copper managed to retain its gains.

Rio Tinto declares force majeure on Aussie alumina due to gas shortage

21 May 2024 - Rio Tinto (ASX:RIO) has officially declared a force majeure on alumina shipments originating from its refineries in Queensland, Australia. The decision stems from a shortage of gas …

ASX nears record close

20 May 2024 - Australian shares are inching closer to a record close, with the ASX moving within 35 points of its all-time high.

Star shares rise after second takeover statement

20 May 2024 - Star (ASX:SGR) shares came out of a brief trading halt after the company was forced to issue a second statement Monday morning on supposed takeover approaches.

ASX up 0.54% near noon: Copper surges to new high

20 May 2024 - Copper has surged to a new high, driven by financial investors anticipating a supply shortage, with futures on the London Metal Exchange reaching $US10,848 a ton, reflecting a more than …

Stocks of the Hour: Bastion Minerals, Ironbark Zinc, Western Yilgarn

20 May 2024 - A snapshot of the stocks on the move, featuring Bastion Minerals (ASX:BMO), Ironbark Zinc (ASX:IBG) and Western Yilgarn (ASX:WYX).

Dow closes above 40,000 for the first time

20 May 2024 - The Dow Jones closed above 40,000 level for the first time in history on Friday, a day after hitting that key benchmark in the previous trading session.

Hard Rock Hotels and Casino's looking to acquire Star Entertainment

20 May 2024 - Shares in the embattled Star Entertainment (ASX:SGR) are likely to surge today with the news that the US casino group Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos is considering a bid.

Michael Hill jewelry faces turbulence

20 May 2024 - Listed jewelry chain Michael Hill has set itself up for a pounding when the ASX reopens on Monday after issuing a weak trading update on Friday.

China's housing market

20 May 2024 - How desperate do you think the Chinese government and the Communist Party are to staunch the escalating losses in the country’s biggest black hole—housing and property?

US weekly wrap: Dow hits historic high, Nvidia earnings awaited

20 May 2024 - The Dow starts this week on new ground after the record close on Friday left the best-known US market index above the 40,000 level for the first time in history.

A big weeks for commodities

20 May 2024 - A big week for commodities—one of the biggest in months—with metals surging and oil ticking a touch higher for a smorgasbord of factors, from Gaza and Ukraine to Chinese property …

Nvidia's earnings report steals the spotlight

20 May 2024 - Rate cuts, mood changes, and volatile commodity prices—especially copper and gold—are on the agenda alongside the release of central bank board meeting minutes from the Fed and the …
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Former Variety editor Caranicas dies at 80

Peter Caranicas, a Variety editor for 16 years who was respected for his expertise in production and technology, died Sunday in Los Angeles after a long battle with cancer. He was 80. Pat …

Titunik returns to NY Times biz news desk

New York Times business editor Ellen Pollock sent out the following on Monday: I’m thrilled to announce that Vera Titunik is joining the Business department. Really, I should be saying rejoining. …

Industry Dive hires Cooley to cover the payments industry

Industry Dive has hired Patrick Cooley to cover the payments industry. He previously was at The Messenger covering agriculture and commodities. Cooley had been previously freelancing for Industry …

FT starts “The State of Britain” newsletter

The Financial Times has launched “The State of Britain,” a newsletter about the United Kingdom’s search for growth, productivity and its place in a changing world. It will be written by the …

Savage joins The Guardian as South Africa correspondent

The Guardian has hired Rachel Savage as its South Africa correspondent. She has been the Africa senior markets correspondent for Reuters covering African markets and finance since 2022. Savage …

Front Office Sports editor in chief Duerson departs

Adam Duerson, the editor in chief of Front Office Sports, has left the sports news organization after seven months. Before joining Front Office Sports last year, Duerson had spent more than 20 years …

WSJ’s Wolfe moves to consumer economics beat

Wall Street Journal reporter Rachel Wolfe is now covering the consumer economy, looking at how people spent their money. She previously was a consumer trends reporter. Wolfe also was an associate …

Hayes, editor at Financial Times, dies at 68

John Hayes, a stalwart of the Financial Times’ sub-editing desk, has died at the age of 68 after a short battle with cancer. Suzanne Blumsom of the FT writes, “A senior FT editor said that he …

Szymanski, longtime biz journalist in Tampa, dies at 63

David Szymanski, a business journalist in the Tampa Bay area dating back to the 1980s, died Tuesday at the age of 63 from cancer. Szmanski spent 13 years at the Tampa Tribune as a business reporter …

WSJ’s Tucker on how to thrive against AI

Charlotte Tobitt of Press Gazette interviewed Wall Street Journal editor in chief Emma Tucker on how it can protect itself from artificial intelligence content. Tobitt writes, “Since Tucker’s …

NY Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, Businessweek among Deadline Club Award winners

The New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg and Bloomberg Businessweek received Deadline Club awards for business news coverage. The winners that were selected from more than 550 entries to the Deadline …

How oil companies manipulate journalists

Molly Taft writes for The Nation and Drilled about the tactics oil companies use to manipulate reporters covering the companies. Taft writes, “The documents released by the Senate Budget …

Menton becomes senior reporter on Bloomberg’s equities team

Jessica Menton has become a senior reporter on the equities team at Bloomberg News. She will remain a deputy team leader. Menton has been a stocks reporter since December 2021. She previously was a …

FT launches podcast hosted by Keynes

The Financial Times has launched “The Economics Show with Soumaya Keynes,” a new podcast focused on big global economic topics. Episodes will dissect questions in both macro and microeconomics, …

Kennedy departing Columbus Biz First

Columbus Business First assistant managing editor Eleanor Kennedy is leaving the American City Business Journals publication to become senior director of digital content at the Columbus Dispatch. …

Fortune names Ojalvo its senior VP of strategy and operations

Fortune magazine has named Holly Epstein Ojalvo its senior vice president of strategy and operations. Ojalvo will manage operations and ensure strategic prioritization and alignment across the …

Fierce Biotech reporter Bayer departs

Max Bayer, a senior writer for Fierce Biotech, is leaving for a new opportunity. He has been covering the people and businesses developing new drugs. Bayer previously worked at CBS News, where he …

Savage departs Reuters for a new opportunity

Reuters correspondent Rachel Savage is leaving the news organization for a new opportunity. She has been the Africa senior markets correspondent covering African markets and finance since 2022. …

NY Times taps Tabuchi to cover pollution and environmental costs

Hannah Fairfield, the climate editor at The New York Times, sent out the following announcement: We’re thrilled to announce a new beat for Hiroko Tabuchi, building on her many years in Climate …

SF Standard hires Bloomberg’s Anand to cover tech culture

The San Francisco Standard has hired Bloomberg News reporter Priya Anand to cover tech culture. She has been covering startups and venture capital. Before joining Bloomberg, Anand served as a …
The Financial Times

Gantz threatens to quit Israeli government if no new war plan by June 8

Ultimatum by member of Netanyahu’s war cabinet brings to a head months of internal tension over Gaza

Russian court seizes assets worth €700mn from UniCredit, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank

Move against western lenders follows dispute with a subsidiary of Gazprom

US companies find borrowing conditions improving as markets rally

Chicago Fed’s index of financial conditions falls to lowest level since January 2022

The WNBA enters its Caitlin Clark era

A new generation of stars is boosting the women’s basketball league. Is it ready to capitalise on that success?

Israel’s ‘strategic drift’ darkens national mood

Rafah offensive and hostage talks stalemate create sense of endless war

‘The house is on fire’: Democrats fear Biden is losing pivotal Georgia

President has shed support among Black voters who helped him defeat Trump in battleground state in 2020

Countries wooing corporate digital nomads hope to make them stay

Nearly 60 countries are offering remote visas, many with an eye to making visitors permanent residents

Pietro Beccari: ‘There is no household in the world that doesn’t have [contact with] Louis Vuitton’

The Louis Vuitton chief wants to turn the LVMH-owned luxury brand into a cultural juggernaut

What can and can’t be learnt from Singapore

The island’s ultimate strength has been a lack of dogma

GameStop to sell up to 45mn new shares after latest ‘meme stock’ rally

Video games store operator announces preliminary results showing expectations of further drop in net sales

Gaza aid pier opens as US warns of ‘imminent famine’

Humanitarian groups say US maritime initiative is insufficient amid acute food shortages

The Israel-Hamas war in maps: latest updates

A visual guide to the war

OpenAI put ‘shiny products’ over safety, departing top researcher says

Jan Leike’s exit from ChatGPT maker is the latest sign of internal divisions over technology’s development

New GameStop saga reveals true fools in markets

Return of the Roaring Kitty to the internet sparks a revival of meme-stock madness

The race for an AI-powered personal assistant

Google and OpenAI unveiled new tools to bring ‘intelligent systems’ a step closer. Will this be a milestone for generative AI?

US stocks close at record high on slower pace of inflation

Investors increase bets on Fed’s interest rate cuts this year as price growth moderates

Israel’s defence minister lambasts Netanyahu over lack of postwar plan

Yoav Gallant says current path is leading to resurgence of Hamas and potential for direct Israeli military rule in Gaza

US Treasury threatens Austria’s Raiffeisen Bank over Russia unit

Bank ditched asset-swap plan connected to oligarch Oleg Deripaska after letter warning of potential secondary sanctions

EU under pressure after US levies tariffs on Chinese goods

Brussels scrambles to avoid being dragged into trade war between Washington and Beijing

Biden and Trump set for debates in June and September

President calls for TV events to happen without ‘raucous’ live audience
Global News

Serial killer Robert Pickton attacked in Quebec prison

Correctional Service Canada says an inmate who was the victim of an assault was taken to an outside hospital but would not confirm the identity of the prisoner.

Vancouver Canucks superfan attends every game during playoffs. Yes, every one

A young Vancouver Canucks fan is taking the title of superfan. Nimarpreet Maheru has attended every Canucks game this playoff run — even the away games.

Death of 18-year-old UVIC student from fentanyl prompts B.C. government to act

The story of an 18-year-old UVIC student, Sidney McIntyre-Starko, who died in January of fentanyl poisoning has prompted the provincial government to announce changes.

Journey of the Horse: 100 years of Chinese history in Edmonton

The Mah Society of Edmonton exhibit details the struggles and racism Chinese immigrants faced in Canada, and why so many were forced to start their own businesses to make a living.

USask researchers to access one of the world’s most powerful quantum computers

Steven Rayan, director of the USask Quantum Research Centre, said the quantum computer is a whole new game in computing, and researchers from USask have a chance to use one.

Crash on Sea-to-Sky Highway cleared but major congestion expected

A crash blocked the highway in both directions about 24 kilometres north of Squamish on Monday, according to Drive BC. There were reports an air ambulance was dispatched.

South Okanagan General Hospital ER to close Monday evening due to doctor shortage

Emergency services at the ER in Oliver will be closed from 7 p.m. on Monday to 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Interior Health said in a press release, Interior Health said in a press release.

Okanagan city offers up some protection from the sun

Penticton is among the B.C. cities proclaiming May to be Melanoma and Skin Cancer Awareness Month and placing sunscreen dispensers at some key locations. 

Alberta dental hygienists have ‘critical role’ in Canadian Dental Care Plan: association

Dental hygienists say they will play a critical role in the plan, especially for people with dentists who haven't signed on.

‘Sense of relief’ for family of slain teen after jury finds man guilty of murder

The teen was attacked after exiting the school in 2021. On Sunday, a jury found Andrei Donet, one of the people who attacked Jannai Dopwell-Bailey, guilty of second-degree murder.

Wild breed shows potential for developing drought-resistant potato: researcher

Federal scientists in Atlantic Canada are trying to develop a new breed of potato that is better adapted to growing conditions brought on by climate change.

Toothpaste tube helps narrow investigation into remains found near Sask. campsite

Clothing, backpacks, toiletries, and a tube of toothpaste are among the clues that investigators hope will help them identify human remains found near Moose Jaw.

Oilers, Canucks face off in do-or-die Game 7

The Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks will face off in a do-or-die Game 7 on Monday night. The winner will advance to the NHL Western Conference final.

Fort McMurray wildfire classified as ‘being held’

In a Sunday evening update, officials downgraded the status of a wildfire near Fort McMurray, which was previously classified as 'out of control.' The fire is now 'being held.'

Man critically injured after shooting in North York

Emergency crews were called to the area of Magellan Drive and Sheppard Avenue West at 10 p.m. Sunday night, police said.

Suspect seriously injured in York, Ont. after ammunition detonates in fire, OPP say

Ontario Provincial Police say they got a report of shots being fired Sunday morning near a home in the community about 70-kilometres southwest of Toronto. 

Red Lobster files for bankruptcy protection. Will restaurants remain open?

Red Lobster has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Florida court after securing US$100 million in financing commitments from its existing lenders.

Alberta set new high for opioid deaths in 2023

Alberta's latest substance use numbers show the province had its highest opioid-related death totals on record in 2023, with 1,867 deaths.

Wildfires and air quality: How to check the reading in your area

As another wildfire season begins, Environment and Climate Change Canada is advising people to pay attention to air pollution levels and check the Air Quality Health Index.

Iran’s president, foreign minister dead in helicopter crash, state TV reports

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has appointed First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber as the country’s acting president.

Why Eating at Restaurants Is So Expensive Right Now

As restaurant prices rise faster than general inflation, Americans are collectively saying "we have food at home."

Meme Stock Flop: GameStop Investors Lost Over $13 Billion Last Week

If you bought $1,000 worth of GameStop stock at the recent high, it would have been worth $300 a few days later.

What Is a Tax Credit?

Here's what you need to know about popular tax credits and how to claim them.

How Motion Sensors Work

Motion sensors, along with cameras and lighting systems, have become one of the most recognizable parts of the best home security systems. They are also used for a variety of everyday purposes …

How Does ADT Work?

ADT is a residential and business security service offered by ADT Inc., a well-known company in the home security industry with a long history and strong reputation. ADT features a range of products …

How to Put Out a Fire

Learning how to put out a fire is not only a useful skill, but also a life-saving one. By knowing the basics, individuals can protect themselves and loved ones from the devastating effects of fires. …

Pet-Safe Homes 101: Essential Security Features Every Pet Parent Needs to Know

Pets aren’t just animals; they’re beloved members of the family, and there are certain safety considerations to keep in mind when we bring a four-legged friend home. Read on for a list of …

The Average Tuition Discount at Private Colleges Hits 52%, a Record High

As college costs spike, more students are receiving institutional aid, with bigger discounts off the full sticker price.

The Share of Homes for Sale With Price Cuts Hit a 6-Year High

Over 22% of home listings got a price cut in April, up from 17% the year before.

Best No-Appraisal Home Equity Loans

Money reviews the four best no-appraisal home equity loans, including Discover, best for getting an automatic valuation, and Spring EQ, best no-appraisal home equity loans for bad credit.

Social Security COLA: Projected 2025 Payments Tick up on Latest Inflation Data

The actual COLA for next year won't be announced until October.

Current Mortgage Rates: Week of May 13 to May 17, 2024

Freddie Mac's benchmark rate on a 30-year fixed rate loan averaged 7.02% for the week ending May 16.

The Dow Just Crossed 40,000 for the First Time Ever

But experts say the overall rise is more important than any specific number the Dow is leaving in its rearview.

Young Job Seekers Are Falling Victim to a ‘Money Mule’ Scam

People looking for jobs could unwittingly become money launderers — and even face jail time.

What Is the Earned Income Tax Credit, and How Does It Work?

Some 31 million workers received about $64 billion from the earned income tax credit in 2022. The average credit amount was $2,043.

Americans’ 6 Favorite Long-Term Investments, Ranked

While the popularity of real estate has stayed steady since 2014, other assets are experiencing ups and downs.

When Will the Fed Cut Rates? Cooling Inflation Builds Hope for September

Many economists are now predicting at least one rate cut in 2024, if not two.

How to Invest in Your 20s

Young investors should embrace the right level of risk with the understanding that time is on their side.

To Save Money on Insurance, Drivers Are Agreeing to ‘Incredibly Intrusive’ Monitoring Technology

Find out how this trend is reshaping the insurance industry and what it means for your premiums and privacy alike.

9 Best Home Equity Loans of May 2024

Read on for our review on Home Equity Loans and learn which of these providers is the best option for you.
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Tesla is turning on the charm after leasing and rental-car companies say the value of their fleets have plummeted, but it may not be enough: report

Tesla is offering discounts to rental and leasing firms in Europe after the value of their fleets dropped due to Tesla price cuts, Reuters reported.

Hush-money judge rips Trump witness who scoffed at his rulings: 'You don't give me the side-eye!'

The judge overseeing Trump's hush-money trial ripped into Robert Costello, who muttered disapproval and sighed at the judge's rulings from the stand.

Tesla shareholders say Elon's influence makes Kimbal Musk and James Murdoch unsuitable for the company's board

A group of Tesla shareholders say they don't want Musk to receive $56 billion in pay. They also don't want Kimbal Musk and James Murdoch on the board.

Billionaire Dan Snyder funded a movie about Trump. Now he's reportedly furious it's not flattering.

Billionaire Trump donor Dan Snyder funded a movie about Trump, but is livid about its portrayal of the former president, according to Variety.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi dies in a helicopter crash caused by 'technical failures'

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash. His sudden death leaves room for the IRGC to gain more power.

Meet the Mars family, heirs to the Snickers and M&M's candy empire, who avoided the limelight for years

The Mars are the second-richest family in America and famously private, but here's what we do know about the heirs to a candy empire.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, just hinted at retirement. Here's how he became an iconic billionaire banker.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, began his career in banking at American Express.

The best cheap cell phone plans in 2024

The best cheap cell phone plans offer dependable coverage, fast service speeds, and as much data as you need at affordable prices.

Biden is struggling in Nevada. His economic messaging in the key swing state will be one of the biggest tests of his 2024 campaign.

President Biden will have to work hard to address some of the top concerns of Nevada voters: inflation, housing affordability, and health care.

The fraud trial of Ozy Media cofounder Carlos Watson has begun. His attorneys have argued race played a role in his indictment.

Federal prosecutors accuse Carlos Watson of orchestrating a scheme to defraud investors and lenders of tens of millions dollars.

Neuralink will embed wires deeper in the brain to fix problems after its first patient: WSJ

Neuralink has gotten the green light to implant a second patient — and settled on a fix for the error that plagued its first, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The rise and fall of Red Lobster, which just filed for bankruptcy after a failed endless shrimp promotion

Red Lobster just filed for bankruptcy after years of financial and executive-level turmoil.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi confirmed dead after helicopter crash

A helicopter crash killed Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Sunday. Vice President Mohammad Mokhber is next in line as interim leader.

Recession seems almost certain with 19 states in trouble already, expert warns

Top economist Nancy Lazar expects stricter bank lending and steeper interest rates to crush growth by hammering consumers, businesses, and stocks.

Red Lobster just filed for bankruptcy — but it's not going to disappear

Red Lobster announced it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but said its 550 restaurants will keep operating during the restructuring.

Former Iranian official partly blames US sanctions for the helicopter crash that killed its president

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash in northwest Iran on Sunday. He was traveling in a US-manufactured Bell 212.

Billionaire defense entrepreneur Palmer Luckey has a collection of items worthy of a Bond villain — including helicopters, a giant fish tank, and an underground missile base filled with video games

"I am a little bit of a caricature," Luckey told Bloomberg after showing off his crazy collection of cars, helicopters, and boats.

Sundar Pichai says Google is 'moving fast' with AI — but explains why it might need to slow down at times

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said in an interview with a YouTuber that the company would move boldly while also being responsible.

We asked ChatGPT to analyze Mark Zuckerberg's style. Here's what the bot said he should change.

We showed ChatGPT — and a human stylist — some recent photos of Mark Zuckerberg. Here's what they had to say about his look.

A few NATO countries are lobbying the rest to be bolder when it comes to sending their own soldiers to Ukraine

Some European NATO members are considering putting their own troops in Ukraine and encouraging other allies to consider it too.
Financial Post

The WNBA is investigating whether Vegas tourism authority can sponsor Aces players for $100K each

LAS VEGAS (AP) — The WNBA is investigating whether the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority’s $100,000 annual sponsorship to Aces player for this season and next is allowed. A league …

China-Bound Oil Tanker Hit by Houthi Missile in Red Sea, US Says

A China-bound oil tanker in the Red Sea was struck and temporarily disabled by a ballistic anti-ship missile fired by Houthi militants, the US Central Command said.

Passenger rail service suspended between Montreal and NYC after CN-Amtrak deal

MONTREAL — No passenger trains are set to run between Montreal and New York City for the next six weeks due to maintenance work after Amtrak struck a deal with Canadian National Railway Co. …

Quebec cities lead Canada when it comes to work-life balance, says report

95% of residents in Quebec cities reported feeling satisfied with their lives overall

From Tokyo to New York, Stock Markets Are on a Record-Hitting Spree Around the World

From New York to London to Tokyo, if there’s one similarity among the world’s equity markets it’s this: record highs.

Mortgage lenders offering ‘extreme discounts’ behind the scene: Robert McLister


S&P Profit Recovery Revs Up on Big Tech and Strong Consumer

Now that Corporate America’s earnings season is drawing to a close, the takeaway is clear: A broad swath of companies say the worst of last year’s profit pain is over.

Canada is exploring higher tariffs on Chinese EVs, trade minister says

United States announced sweeping new tariffs against China this week

Saviynt Appoints Identity Security Expert Henrique Teixeira as SVP, Strategy

The former chair of Gartner’s IAM summit, and vice president of IAM research will lead Saviynt’s next generation identity strategy, helping companies overcome the foundational challenge of …

Australian judge says it is unreasonable to require X to hide video of church stabbing for all users

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — An Australian judge said it would be unreasonable for the country’s internet safety watchdog to require social platform X to hide video of a bishop being stabbed in a …

Global Voice of Pilots 2024 Election Results

MEXICO CITY — The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations officially closes another successful annual conference. IFALPA is pleased to announce the election results of the 78th …

Canada’s Trudeau Backs Away From Tax Threat on Apartment Owners

The government of Justin Trudeau pulled back on a threat to hit some real estate investment trusts in Canada with a new tax regime after opposition from the industry.

Bond Traders Wait for CPI to Fuel — or Doom — the Market’s Rally

Nothing has been setting the US bond market’s direction this year more than the monthly inflation figures. This week will be no exception.

Stubborn Inflation Poses Risk to Recently Upgraded US Forecasts for Economic Growth

So far, 2024 isn’t going quite how it was supposed to for the US economy: Inflation has been higher than expected and household spending seems to have lost some momentum.

Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week

TORONTO — Five things to watch for in the Canadian business world in the coming week: Economic data The picture of how the economy fared in March will become a little clearer this week with a pair …

Morgan Stanley Plans to Add 100 Jobs to Its Paris Hub

Morgan Stanley plans to add 100 staff to its Paris hub, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said as he unveiled several new foreign investments in France.

Schools turn to artificial intelligence to spot guns as companies press lawmakers for state funds

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas could soon offer up to $5 million in grants for schools to outfit surveillance cameras with artificial intelligence systems that can spot people carrying guns. But the …

Lithuanians vote in a presidential election as anxieties rise over Russia and the war in Ukraine

VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — Lithuanians are casting votes in a presidential election on Sunday at a time when Russian gains on the battlefield in Ukraine are fueling greater fears about Moscow’s …

Australia’s Budget Will Boost Critical Minerals, Treasurer Says

Australia’s budget will feature a bigger boost for the nation’s critical minerals industry, Treasurer Jim Chalmers said, describing the lucrative market as a “golden opportunity” just days …

Marc Benioff lunch auction raises $1.5M for charity. Not bad for first year without Warren Buffett

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — The $200,100 winning bid for a private lunch with software titan Marc Benioff might appear disappointing at first glance after years of multimillion-dollar bids for a private …

Hims & Hers’ surprise 85% Wegovy discount is latest step on a journey to make medicine less ‘paternalistic,’ exec says

The compounded weight loss drug starts at $199 per month.

The global ‘spermpocalypse’ proves infertility is no longer just a women’s problem, CEO of male fertility clinic says

The $30 billion global fertility industry overwhelmingly caters to women—but that's changing.

Chinese, Iranian, and Russian gangs are attacking the U.S.'s drinking water and officials are alarmed

The world’s cyberpowers are believed to have been infiltrating rivals’ critical infrastructure for years planting malware that could be triggered to disrupt basic services.

America’s biggest Medicaid insurer pledged to help build $900 million worth of housing. It’s proof that in America, you need more than medicine for good health

The Centene Foundation aims to create thousands of housing units.

Scarlett Johansson said she was forced to hire legal counsel to deal with Sam Altman and OpenAI

In a statement, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman apologized, but said the voice was "never intended to resemble" Johansson's voice.

Microsoft's new AI-enabled laptops will have a 'photographic memory' of your virtual activity

It's a step toward machines that “instantly see us, hear, reason about our intent and our surroundings,” said CEO Satya Nadella.

Jamie Dimon teases that his departure from JPMorgan is getting closer, saying timeline is ‘not five years anymore’

“It’s up to the board — it’s not up to me,” Dimon said. “I have the energy that I’ve always had. That’s important. I think when I can’t put the jersey on and give it my fullest, I …

Why do so few Americans trust the health system? The 90 million with low ‘health literacy’ offer a clue, CVS exec says

“They’re unable to gather and understand information and apply it to improve their health,” Dr. Michelle Gourdine said at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference.

Prominent leader of financial services watchdog resigns after report found it was riddled with a 'misogynistic’ and ‘good ole boys club’ culture

New leadership is needed to fix the “toxic culture” at the FDIC, said Sen. Sherrod Brown on Monday.

Hims will follow its Viagra playbook and offer weight-loss drugs that are 85% cheaper than Wegovy—with Mounjaro and Zepbound in its sights next

Hims said it’s offering a treatment with the same active ingredient as Wegovy for $199 a month.

Red Lobster's long-awaited bankruptcy has finally happened

Company will sell its assets to lenders.

Ryanair's shares are up 14% since 2020, while low-cost rival easyJet's are down 72%—what is CEO Michael O'Leary getting right?

Ryanair's low costs and decision not to lay off staff helped it recover faster from the pandemic.

Elon Musk still hasn’t finished his 10% layoffs at Tesla and employees are ‘walking on eggshells every day’

Musk has yet to give staff an “all clear” indication that the job cuts are over, leading co-workers to darkly joke with one another about anxiety and insomnia.

Earn interest and get cash back with Evergreen Bank

Evergreen Bank: Ideal for customers looking for good APY and reimbursed ATM fees

Controversial blockchain firm Prometheum launches long-awaited Ethereum custody

Prometheum aims to launch a digital asset trading platform later this year under current SEC regulation.

Africa is a wide open market for smartphone firms but new users face risks: ‘Tech can be used for awful things’

Despite growing mobile internet coverage on the continent of 1.3 billion people, just 25% of adults in sub-Saharan Africa have access to it.

Airbnb boss insists being the butt of SNL skit didn't 'sting'

"The brand is a noun and verb used all over the world."

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy: An ‘embarrassing’ amount of your success in your 20s depends on your attitude

But aspirational workers need to follow through on a can do attitude with action, Jessy added.

Chinese state media hints that Beijing might ‘hit back’ against European probes by targeting wine, dairy and aircraft

The EU is investigating Chinese subsidies across a range of industries, threatening tariffs for electric carmakers and keeping firms out of rail and energy tenders.

Gen Z fueling limited-time flavors like Sour Patch Kids Oreos and pink lemonade-flavored Kit Kats

Food companies are responding to the changing and expanding tastes of consumers while also trying to keep brands relevant and distinct to win space on crowded store shelves.